Project Veggie Begins!

Project Veggie began a few months ago when I read a Slashdot posting
about home biodiesel production. I had not even heard of biodiesel.
After some trawling I turned up lots of interesting facts about our
best friend the car, and about our perhaps worst enemy, the
petrochemical companies that earn mega bucks from the pretty exclusive
fuel lock-in.
It all boils down to a stranglehold on innovation and an
effective blanket on what we can do with our friend the car. Heres an

Harbin Snow and Ice Fair 2005

The air is so cold it freezes your stinging tears to your face; the sun
is so low it escapes to leave you in darkness by mid-afternoon; the
trees are so gray, barren, and hard they could be concrete; the river
ice is so thick it actually supports entire buildings.  This is
Harbin, China’s northernmost (and easternmost) metropolis. Over 17
years, as this eight-meter-high horse sculpture indicated, the festival
has grown in size, complexity, and elaborateness; where the snow
festival had a single massive sculpture before, a handful of these now

So how easy is it really to crack a WEP key?

I keep reading all those articles that decry Wireless as an insecure
pile of old pants.  I thought it would be interesting to actually
try and crack a WEP key just to see how easy it really is.

Generally I err on the side of caution so the traffic on my home
wireless network is also encrypted using SSL and there is a firewall to
prevent any old oik using my internet bandwidth.  I also use MAC
address filters and have any security options that my AP and NICS both
support turned on.

Everybody Loves Eric Raymond Comic

Everybody Loves Eric Raymond is a funny, geeky comic strip sitcom about
a group apartment in which, inexplicably, Richard Stallman, Linus
Torvalds and Eric Raymond are all roommates. The jokes are ALL
free/open source software in-jokes, but they're often very funny, and
the idea gets tons of bonus points for being so stupendously weird and
well-executed. Check it out via the IT Chuckles section here.