TurboTas Site News

TurboTas Site News

Goodbye Mediawiki and thanks for all the fish..

So here we are in 2017 and I noticed that the wiki has not had an edit for around 3 years, but I still have had to bring it down every few months for security fixes. 
So the time has come to kill the Whale - all the wiki content is now moved to articles on the CMS or deleted or published elsewhere and mediawiki has gone to feed the fishes.
It was a great collaborative tool in 2004 but I can do everything in a google doc these days and someone else is keeping that secure and patched (I hope!) .

Tricks and Tips #1 Block 'em. Block 'em all.

One way that TurboTas.co.uk stops unwanted shite turning up on the website is with massive IP block lists.
As this is a very small blog, available in English only, I can take some pretty radical steps to prevent Eve from getting into my system.
The subject is somewhat evocative but I'll lay it out for you.  People visiting my website speak English and are mainly from the United Kingdom or the US.  Web logs and analytics support this.

Spammers Blocking Day

A day to stop spammers today with quite a few direct connections not picked up by the server.  Looks like an insecure web application with an open PHP mailer script.  DOH!  Another email spammer.
SSH attempts from and  Blocked both of those.
Spotted in the HTTP logs and a check of project Honeypot shows them as massive spammers. in same boat, also and