Tricks and Tips #1 Block 'em. Block 'em all.

One way that stops unwanted shite turning up on the website is with massive IP block lists.
As this is a very small blog, available in English only, I can take some pretty radical steps to prevent Eve from getting into my system.
The subject is somewhat evocative but I'll lay it out for you.  People visiting my website speak English and are mainly from the United Kingdom or the US.  Web logs and analytics support this.
So the obvious thing to do is put IP blocks on the countries with the worst records at controlling internet crime - such as extortion, spam and hacking.  Once the filters are in place to drop packets from China, Russia and Africa, That's taken care of 85% of all the bad stuff that hits my server.  Just like that.
Do the same - there are scipts out there that use the public IP records to build IP filtering lists.  I have noticed no drop in traffic at all.
You could view this as a complete bastard for net neutraility, but the point is that I decided not to accept traffic from China, Russia and Nigeria, not my ISP.