Another Day, Another set of IP blocks

Quite a big set of IP addresses today because I've been scanning the logs for the evening.  Rather an alarming list building up of stuff that needs fixing.
Chinese email spammers.  I spotted them via attempts to web spider sites that are now offline.  Block them while you can! Drat, just noticed a bunch from the class c under that one too, so best block .9. too!  Oh and .26.0.  Actually this is looking like a problem with a much larger block, No? 
Spanish hacking attempt via the Apache Logs:
And Again, This time from Australia:
Weird Content gets from  Project Honeypot suggests that this is a content spammer.  Address Blocked.
Lots of SSH Nattempts from  Contacted the Abuse address at the ISP,  Also Contacted the punter, FTN Services:  Expecting nothing to happen so another class C blocked!
Weird HTTP attempts from  A Quck check of stop spam shows us that this and many addresses in the same class C are considered poisonous so blocked it via the normal Class C method.