Sky Customer Service #Fail

 Welcome to Sky Live Chat Service. A Sky Advisor will be with you shortly. You are now connected with Kavitha. Kavitha: Hello, you're chatting with Kavitha, a Sky advisor, may I take your name please? You: Hi, our sky box keeps crashing so we are fed up with it. Kavitha: I'm sorry to hear that. You: indeed Kavitha: I'll certainly help you to fix this issue. Kavitha: Can I take your name please? You: Mr Toby Seaman Kavitha: Toby, Can you describe the issue that you are having with your equipment please? You: yes, as above, about twice per day, the sky box just hangs completely. we hjave to pull out the power lead. Kavitha: Have you tried any procedure to fix this issue? You: such as... Kavitha: Have you tried Software Download procedure to resolve this issue? You: no. it does not soundf like its going to make any difference. You: what is the latest vesrion for my sky box. we can check right now if my version is up to date. Kavitha: The procedure we can try to resolve this issue called as software download procedure, which will re-install software in to your box to try and resolve this issue. Is it ok to try this now? Kavitha: The procedure we can try to resolve this issue called as software download procedure, which will re-install software in to your box to try and resolve this issue. Is it ok to try this now? You: what is the latest vesrion for my sky box. we can check right now if my version is up to date. Kavitha: To check the Version number on your Sky Box, Can I ask what type of box you have i.e. Standard, Sky+ or Sky+HD? You: Sky+HD Kavitha: Thank you. Kavitha: Can I ask you to press Services button followed by 0,3 and select please? You: that is completely fine. Kavitha: Could you please confirm the Version number and the Model number? You: which information do you need from that screen.You: version: 973008Kavitha: Please confirm the Version number and the Model number?You: model: R003.047.25.00PKavitha: Thank you.Kavitha: Please give me a minute, while I check if the above details matches.You: if the above details matches waht?Kavitha: Thank you for staying connected.Kavitha: The above details match and the Software is upto date on the Sky Box.You: It's the internet, it's a connectionless system bassed on HTTP transfersYou: so its broken then because it keeps crashing.Kavitha: In that case, I would recommend a Service Call to fix this issue.Kavitha: Can you confirm how long you have had the Sky  equipment installed for?You: couple of years.Kavitha: There are 2 options we can give to arrange an engineer visit as your equipment is out of warranty.You: ok.Kavitha: 1. Service Call Protect is our recommended Extended Warranty plan provided by Domestic & General, it costs £8.25 per month and covers the existing fault for you and protects all your sky equipment for the next 12 months.Kavitha: 2. Alternatively, we can arrange a standard service call for you at a one off cost of £65 which includes all parts and labour to fix this issue for you with a 90 day warranty.You: ok. I'll just cancel thanks as Virgin Media have some great free offers. Thanks. What will be the last day of service with Sky?Kavitha: I'm sorry you feel that way, we value your custom and if you wish to discuss this further please click here to find out the different options on how to contact our cancellations team.You: I'm cancelling rght now thanks.Kavitha: I'm sorry to hear that. You: no problem. Kavitha: Please have a word with the Sky Department and they will check what best can be done to fix the issue. You: I've just cancelled my Sky subscription I think as I have given Sky the ncessary notification. Kavitha: Let me check that on your Sky account. Kavitha: To access the account details, I will need to go through some security questions with you. Is that ok? You: not really., You just asked me for £65 to fix a broken sky box. To be honest I'd raqther go to Virgin where the box is free. So I just cancelled Sky. Please confirm. Kavitha: Toby, Sky do provide warranty to all the customer on the boxes, however the warranty will cover for 1 year from the day the box was installed. Kavitha: If the box is more that 1 year sorry that we wont be able to provide a free engineers visit as the system wont let us to book the visit for you. You: no problem. I understand. The box has now stoppped working and £65 for a repair woith only a 90 day warranty is not a good deal, so plewase confirm receipt of my request to cancencel my subscription to your service. Kavitha: I am sorry to know that, however if you wish to cancel let me transfer this chat to the concerned team for you. You: fine.Kavitha: Before that let me access your account to transfer this chat.Kavitha: Please confirm the full name/surname for the account along with the home address including postcode?You: Mr Toby SeamanYou: 73 Borset StreetYou: KT6 7PTRKavitha: Thank you.You: Cancelled Account: 22:22 13/4/2012Kavitha: Are you the account holder?You: I certainly hope so, yes.Kavitha: Please would you confirm the last 2 digits of your bank account number?You: is it all cancelled now, should I turn off the Sky box (its crashed again anyway)?Kavitha: I have still not transferred your chat to the cancellation team to place the request.You: I don't know which bank account I used to pay Sky from.Kavitha: Let me confirm few other details and get this chat transferred and you can place the request with the concerned team.You: Found it, it's nxxKavitha: Excellent!Kavitha: That is the right bank account number.Kavitha: Thank you for the details.You: Thats good.Kavitha: Please give me 2 minutes while I get this chat transferred to the concerned team.Kavitha: Just to let you know, there is a short survey to express your views and thoughts on the service you have received today. This can be completed by clicking the “End Chat” button after you come to the end of this chat with me. You: Lets get this rubbish service canned for good then so I get get onto Virgin. Please wait - we are transferring your chat to a Sky Advisor who can help you. You are now connected with Mohsin. Mohsin: Hello, you're chatting with Mohsin, a Sky advisor, may I take your name please? You: Again? It's still Toby Seaman Mohsin: Hi Toby Mohsin: How are you?You: Most excellent thanks. I feel that now the sky box works only a few hours per day, that I can finbally turn the corner and get a better service from another provider. Did you know that Virgin are desperate to send me a new free box.Mohsin: I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you Toby. I can understand your concern.Mohsin: I read your last chat with my advisor and it seems that the box is not working fine and that' the reason its getting freeze time an again.You: no problem. Not sure why I'm still chatting./ I cancelled my Sky subscription at 22:22 when I was told that you wanted £65 for a repair with only a 90 day warranty.You: Do you need me to send it back or just put it in the skip?Mohsin: Let me see what the best I can do for you Toby.You: Ah cool, can you get the Virgin box sent out? that would save me a phone call!Mohsin: I am looking forward to help you and restore your faith back to Sky.Mohsin: As you answered all the security questions so just need to ask are you the account holder Toby?You: Until I cancelled the account at 22:22, yes, I was the account holderMohsin: Please would you confirm the last 2 digits of your bank account number?You: again?You: it's still xxMohsin: Thank you.Mohsin: Just checking that for you now.You: Checking what?You: It's definitely xx, honest. I have my cheque book here. the 3 could be an S i suppose.Mohsin: Just going through your account Toby.You: It's great. It's going to tell you that I pay £35 per month and the box is junk.Mohsin: So did you served the 31 days notice period to Sky?You: I served it at 22:22. As the box is broken.Mohsin: Toby rather canceling the whole account we can replace the box.You: no, that's fine thanks. I'm not paying for a repair to a box that I did not chose.You: it's just some piece of junk that you sent out.Mohsin: I am sending you a link where in you can chose a box for you Toby. Please have a look.You: I'm not paying for a new box.Mohsin: Click here You: erm, nothing happened,Mohsin: Have you clicked on it.You: yes, there is a page open about sky.Mohsin: Just go through to that page carefully.You: yes.Mohsin: Thank you.You: What do you want me to do?Mohsin: I just want to show what options we have for you Toby.You: I don't understand. I have a broken Sky+HD box. It's garbage. It crashes all the time. I Cancelled my Sky subscription at 22:22 when you asked me for £65 to fix it with a rubbish 90 day warranty.Mohsin: You can upgrade it rather throwing away. Didn't you looked on that link which I had send you Toby?You: upgrade it to what? it's broken.Mohsin: How did this happened?You: Huh! are you winding me up. The sky+HD box does not work. it crashes twice every day. I'm fed up with it.Mohsin: Can you tell me what Virgin is offering you?You: Basically the same thing. Most importantly, I'm hoping that the box they give me will not be faulty.Mohsin: Now what do you want me to do Toby?You: Can you just confirm the last day that sky will be working so I can get the Virgin blokeMohsin: For that you have to call our customer service team.Mohsin: In order for you to cancel the services down you would have to provide a 31 day notice periodYou: no problem. Just so we can confirm: I cancelled My Sky Service at 22:22 today. You were unable to fix the broken Sky Reciever that was supplied by Sky.Mohsin: You need to get a new box Toby.You: no problem.Mohsin: I am really sorry that I couldn't help you with the same.You: So the 31 day clock started ticking at 22: 22 on April 13, whn I told B Sky B that I was terminating the service due to the receiver nbo longer operating correctly.Mohsin: In order to process the cancellation I will need to ask that you call our dedicated team. The number to call is 08442 410 266. I’ll leave a note on your account regarding our chat today and my colleague can help you further. Mohsin: Is there anything else I can help you with today? You: Nope. I told B Sky B at 22:22 that I had cancelled the service. Happy fopr you to give them my phone number, but I have correctly and properly served cancellation notice to B Sky B. Mohsin: Alright Toby. You: goobye. Do you want me to drop you a line and tell you how great Virgin is? Mohsin: No that's Ok Toby it depends upon an individual. You: Yeah. I hope you don't mind, but I publish this 'Sky Customer Service #Fail' chat chat on my 'awful customer service website'. It has Millions of hits! Mohsin: I am sorry for the inconvinience caused to you Toby. You: No, it's been hilarious. Ihope te virgin people are better! Mohsin: Okay. Mohsin: Is there anything else I can help you with today? You: Given that I only use B Sky B for Satellite Television services, and that you have failed to provide that with a crashing box, and that I have now cancelled the Sky Subscription due to you not being able to fix the broken box. No, I don't think so. Mohsin: Thank you Toby and have a nice day ahead. You: No Problem, so just to confirm My kast day with Sky will be May 14 which is 31 days? Mohsin: yes You: Excellent! You: I'm going to arrange a ritual buring of the Rubbish Sky HD box. I suspect that ity is made by Amstrad. Mohsin: lol You: lo2 squared. Mohsin: Is there anything else I can help you with today? You: No no, you have helped just too much already.