Windows Update being a bit naughty?

Recently, I audited my work laptop.  I set lots of the services disabled so that I control to some extent what runs and when.  All pretty obvious stuff for a security professional.  An interesting point was noted when I next tried to run Windows Update though.Not surprisingly, Windows update has some dependancies which must be satisfied for update to work.  They are BITS, Automatic updates and Event Log.I can understand that.  Windows update kindly reported to me that some of Automatic Update, Event Log and BITS were not running and asked me to go start them.I did and interestingly, Windows Update still did not work.  It transpires that it is not good enough to start the services: You must set them to Automatic in order for windows update to work.This is a bit of an arse.  I can see that MS want this stuff running, but it's a bit naughty to insist that the services are set automatic rather than that they are running.  It means that to apply updates, I need to jump through a whole lot of hoops: changing service settings every time.  I'm certainly not happy to just leavee this stuff running the whole time.Unfortunately, it seems that MS still don't get it..