Rubiks Cube on Speed?

If, like me, you found the best way to solve the Rubiks cube was by prising off a corner, best read no further. The latest craze (?) is to attempt to solve a 4D version of the famous puzzle. Basically a bunch of mathematicians and programmers have got together (always a bad sign) and come up with a computer sim (Windows and Linux) which lets you try to solve the 4D version.Apparently there are more permutations than there are atoms in the universe. Despite these extra possibilities, the 4D cube is said to be not much more complex then the 3D version for those that mastered it.

Office 2000 Licence Guffaw

Microsoft has had to come clean and admit that the registration problem is actually an error in code intended to prevent registration.This is the interesting bit: Office 2000 has code to prevent registration after April 15 2003. This is to 'help' you decide to upgrade/buy the next version.The chukle here is that this code is bust and the registration box won't go away, eventually culminating in 'reduced functionality'. I can't wait..source: The Register

AOL Wakes Up And Sues Spammers

AOL has begun a $10M lawsuit against a dozen individuals and companies.This could be an interesting development. General estimates suggest that AOL accounts could be responsible for as much as 20% of the Western worlds spam problem.In this case, AOL says that these lawsuits address 8 million complaints about an estimated 1 billion pieces of spam.

Caffeinated Soap

No joke! Do you find yourself all in a rush? Can't find time for a shower and a coffee in the morning? Do both!200 milligrams of caffeine delivered through the skin while you wash. Each bar lasts for 12 washes and delivers 200mg caffeine each wash.Get your Shower-Shock soap at

Two Wheeled Transport with an Axle?

With an 12mph top speed, the Segway could not be said to be fast. It is surely set to turn heads though.The design is a cross between a childs scooter and a pogo stick. The rider stands aboard a small platform between the two wheels. From the platform extends a long shaft with handlebars at the top.To operate the device the rider simply tilts and the Segway tilt sensors detects what the rider intends and reacts accordingly.