Project Veggie News

Sunday saw the latest phase of work on the veggie mobile. Acquisition of 3/8" hose proved the right thing to do: all under bonnet hoses arenow connected and a mjor milestone has been reached: the heat exchanger is now inline. I did everything I could to get air out of the systemand the car only coughed a couple of times when I started it. All inall a very good result.

Art and Culture Section kicks off

I checked out my links library today and I seem to have rather a large collection of Art and Culture links.  So many that it seems odd that I don't tell both of you about them.All that is set to change: from now on, expect regular art and culture postings when I see neato stuff. Lets start with a classic 'Abandoned Places' Photography site.  This one is by the clearly talented Shaun O'Boyle.  Check it out now.

Home Cinema first foray

Decorating the Living room was like breaking a bond.  It was one of those things that we knew needed to be done and yet it was a big enough job that we put it off for nearly five years.   The big push this year came about when I came home one eve and just grabbed a hammer and chisel to see how difficult it would be to remove the york stone covered chimney breast.

Windows Update being a bit naughty?

Recently, I audited my work laptop.  I set lots of the services disabled so that I control to some extent what runs and when.  All pretty obvious stuff for a security professional.  An interesting point was noted when I next tried to run Windows Update though.Not surprisingly, Windows update has some dependancies which must be satisfied for update to work.  They are BITS, Automatic updates and Event Log.I can understand that.  Windows update kindly reported to me that some of Automatic Update, Event Log and BITS were not running and asked me to go start them.I did and interestingly, Windows

Google Map adds Mars

Have you checked out google today? Google showed us the power of their Ajax driven mapping application a few months ago when they added lunar maps seemingly overnight.They have excelled today though: To coincide with the arrival of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter at Mars, they have released updated the maps application with Elevation, Infrared, and traditional visible light versions of Mars. Check it out and see what you can see.