UAV Build July 08 Update

The RC radio is now modified so that it has a three position switch for MANUAL\AUTO1\AUTO2 mode selection. This works fine although ideally the switch should be mounted on the left of the radio and not the right. Full Radio (RC) range check carried out and an initial test flight showed good telemetry data. Photos of the radio mod ar on the gallery, which is here. Full radio (modem) range tests carried out and good signal recieved at 250 Meters using standard antennas. GCS tested on Mains inverter powers from car battery.

UAV Build June 08 Update

The GCS is online and the airframe talks over the air to the airframe. The airframe is now complete with all components mounted. Initial tuning of the airframe file commenced involving checking the servo and sensor polarity. Changed the motor in the airframe to a unit with a bit more oomph.

UAV Build May 08 Update

gcs-comms-online!The two comms channels between the GCS and the UAV were established today.  The first of these, the wired USB connection used to flash the flight plan was tested after making up the Pico blade lead.  The default funjet airframe file was then modified to approximately match the aircraft and the gcs successfully flashed the airframe.   Proper progress!   The Project gallery is hereThe second part the air to ground link was also completed today.

UAV Build April 08 Update

UAV Integration work well underwayThe Multiplex Funjet based airframe is essentially complete and the modifications necessary to permit the easy installation and removal of the turtle deck are complete.  Motor\speed controller are fitted and the servo leads all now terminate in Molex PicoBlade connectors.Integration work is now well underway and last night the Tiny 2.1 powered aircraft booted for the first time.

Storing data for 1000 years

So we all know that books last a long while right?  How about its modern equivalent the CD, DVD or Hard disc?  Most of us commit a larg part of our life to digital storage these days and don't even spare a thought for how long this digital memory will last.  In the case of hard discs, 5 years might be your limit.This then is the classic problem with digital storage - longevity.  All other problems vanish into insignificance when considering the persistence of storage.  Our current best hope is optical media, the best of which are believed to be good for around 50 years.

Painless Phone Call Recording

Have you ever had to make one of those calls that you wish you could record but locating the voice recording feature on your mobile or answering machine is too hard or you can’t then get the finished recording into a useable format?  This seems to happen to me about once a month.Recently I discovered a service which makes the process of call recording extremely painless.  After registering you are given a phone number, access code and a pin. After dialling these in easy succession, you get....

Amazon Rip Off Charges Warning

The problem surrounds Amazons choice to let merchants pick their own shipping costs and the poor way in which Amazon makes those charges visible to the customer.In essence, when you search for a product and Amazon returns the result, you never see the P&P charges that will be applied.The important point here is that unlike eBay, who show P&P charges right on screen with the search results, it’s impossible to compare suppliers shipping costs on Amazon.Try this for yourself: Go to Amazon and try to buy a 1 gig Micro SD card.  Attempt to predict how much you will pay based on the retur

Dumb Company of the Year is Ford and we are still in January!

Winning the both the Dumbest Company of the Year award and the Shoot-yourself-in-the-customer award so early in the year is a 1st, but I'm pretty sure that this is not going to get beaten this year, so I duly announce the Ford Motor Company to be the Dumbest Company of 2008 in the whole universe.  While I'm at it, they win next year and last year too.It all started when the 9000 member strong Black Mustang Club decided to make a calendar of their cars.  these are the guys that Ford makes it's cars for.  Guys that cherish and enthuse about cars all day.The members duly photographed, cropped

Big Mac Eaters Beware! the £128 Burger Is Here!

Yes, not content with ripping customers off on the food, McDonalds have now started charging £125 if you spend to long eating it too.  And don't think you can get away with it.  McDonalds are using high tech number plate recognition devices to make sure you get lost within 45 minutes.  Of course they don't confront you in the store, they nab your details from DVLA and the first thing you know is when you get a letter weeks later asking for £125.Oh, and McDonalds don't go soft either, the fine Rises to £213 if you don't pay.  Would you risk your house for a Big Mac.  Nope me either!A spokesm

GMD winner announced

GMD or Gross Map Distortion is the practice of making a map look completely unlike reality, normally for commercial gain.This weeks winner is Olympic Holidays who due to the inconvienient closeness of the airport to their resorts in Kremasti and Ixia, moved the airport 10 miles down the coast.I suppose it could be an accident.  In this day of GPS enhanced accuracy, I suppose it's completely possible to slip and place the airport down the happily uninhabited west coast of Rhodes due to an error with a slide rule, but somehow I don't think so.