First Mad Idea Of 2004

Happy new year. The first public idea, and the first new posting for 2004. The problem with the Internet and law enforcement is that perps will always go where the least resistance is. If that means that Porn sites move to Lithuania and Spammers operate from Nigeria, then you are going to have problems stopping em.Not that the countries have poor legal systems, just that they have different ones. Add to this the growing issue over currencies: The growing 'net will need a way to fix currency conversions etc. TurboTas mad idea is that The Internet should be a nation state itself.

Gone Again:

On Thursday, there was much discussion on public forums when the SCO site went offline for 10 hours or so. Although SCO immediately claimed foul play an analysis of their statements and the attack/availability profile didn't stack up.
In the end it was generally accepted that they probably did it themselves, possibly a misconfiguration or similar failure.As of around midday Saturday, SCO has gone again. You can checkout the availability charts at Netcraft.

Silly Storage

How about constructing storage so that there is no actual storage as such, just infinite transmission round a loop?

Of course this idea is not by any means new: In analogue terms, feedback delay lines have been used for 3 decades to store audio data. In digital terms, delay lines have existed for 10 years or so. How about appying the idea to storage?

What got me thinking was a recent article by Siemens and BT. These two companies are just experimenting with 160Gb/sec transmissions and are presently testing over 280 Kilometers sucessfully (in Lab conditions).

Silly Putty DIY Style?

Ever wanted to get so much silly putty that you could wrap it round an egg and see if you could chuck it without the egg breaking?  Or perhaps make a great big putty monolith and see how long it takes to collapse into a puddle. Now it's not a problem, just visit the University of Minnesota's web site and grab the recipe here.

Space Elevator, 2018 Is Not Far Away

Space Elevators have been the staple subject for Sci Fi writers for years now, but SciFi may be taking a step towards reality, if Tech futures ventures company LiftPort have anything to do with it.These guys seem to have actually done some homework. Their plans are certainly bold, that's for sure: their website even includes a countdown timer to the estimated 2018 launch.


You May not realise it yet, but the world of thin, flat displays is changing. Certainly resolutions get higher all the time and there are new technologies around the corner. Get ready for the next quantum leap though: Electronic Paper. more...Okay, okay, it may not sound amazing but this is pretty cool stuff: Imagine anything that is presently printed on paper could be replaced with a soft equivalent. A broadsheet newspaper which refreshes every morning. A Soft Book which lets you load a tome then rifle pages just like the real thing.

JK has the Last Laugh?

Today I used my favorite file sharing network to try find the new HP book. It was the News hype that forced me into it. All this talk of security for the Lauch of book 5 got me interested in seeing if the 'net had copies floating about.Purely in the interests of science I therefore dutifully logged on and started looking for files with the 'Order of the Phoenix' Title. About 20 different versions turned up.

The Ultimate in Environmentally Friendly Computing?

Possibly the most odd case design you will ever see. This beast is actually made out of cardboard! Unsurprisingly, it arrives as a flatpack and the assembly looks like it may take a few frustrating hours! From the pictures it looks like this is a glue free process though so all you have to watch out for is stray coffee cups and Paper cuts! Hardware is attached to the case by way of small clips.