Michael Palin Travels Online

Michael PalinIf like me you followed the intrepid Michael Palin in his numerous adventures on TV, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can read all his memoirs from the trips online.  Alas, these are not ebooks which you can download, but this is still a really cool thing. Check them out via the eBooks Links here.

Full Brain Simulation Courtesey of IBM

An effort to create the first computer simulation of the entire human
brain, right down to the molecular level has just been launched. The
“Blue Brain” project, a collaboration between IBM and a Swiss
university team, will involve building a custom-made supercomputer
based on IBM’s Blue Gene design. The hope is that the virtual brain
will help shed light on some aspects of human cognition, such as
perception, memory and perhaps even consciousness. more

Micro Meccano

Well, its as simple as this: I'd like to have a bash at building my own
robot and the construction toys around are too large. What's needed is
a mini-meccano product that uses much smaller components to enable the
construction of smaller robots and other such devices.

One Time Pad generation

The problem with one time pads is that they are a bit hard to produce and distribute. One of the hardest parts of the process is to make a pseudo random stream of 0's and 1's. I've had an idea about how to do this.Why not simulate a homogonizing device, such as say,a food mixer. Start off with a 3d cell model of a circular container, much as you would with a CFD model. Lets say take a million cells. Lets set eachj of the cells either on or off. The initial method is relevant but lets'forget that for a moment. Next we introduce the 'paddles of the mixer.

Playstation Parts Used in Ministry of Death and Destruction!

Sony on Friday announced that it would investigate claims by a former US military official that parts from its Playstation 2 video game console are being tested in military equipment for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.According to the official, who wished to remain anonymous, the US military has been purchasing hundreds of Playstation analog controllers and retrofitting them to Abrams tanks, Bradley fighting vehicles, and missile defense computers at the US command’s headquarters in Baghdad.

Late News: 2004 Pancake Count

Those of you that actually know me (Okay that's most of you), were not too surprised at the Pancake photoblog last year.As the digital camera was not available this year, instead we have the consumption and latency timings. Pancake consumption began at 18:33 and continued until 19:28. From the graph, it's pretty easy to see that consumption proceeded at a rate which easily exceeded production.

Magic Quadrants for All?

I find myself plagued these days about how to make and explain value judgements about how 'good' a given Open Source package is. There are many ways to judge this: User base, bugs, release frequency etc, but all of these alone seem to fall down: It's hard to judge these against eath other without a formal framework for doing so.I was kind of thinking that's what's needed is a Magic Quadrant similar to the Gartner type things that can be used as a quick view of where a given OpenSource software is.

Maaaaaaad Idea

Infonauts, that's what it's all about. I don't half get fed up with people continually asking me where such and such is or how to do thingy. Either the Internet is too big, it's too hard to navigate, people are lazy, thick or perhaps a bit of all of these. At the same time, I can't even pay the mortgage. Okay the the infonaut idea is simply a portal site to like info sources with info sinks A requester who is busy/stupid/lost posts a question and gets assigned a little live updating box showing the cost of the information and the suppliers.