Veggie Oil Heat Exchangers Available

I seem to have over purchased slightly on the copper tubing so if you want a heat exchanger for your self then £35 will secure one for you delivered to your location in the UK.My design is the standard jacket type.  A large diameter (28mm) copper pipe is inserted in the hottest part of the engine coolant flow.  Wrapped around that pipe is a copper jacket which maximises the surface area which can contact the water pipe.In my design, this is a 35mm jacket with a 28mm internal coolant pipe.This will give significant oil heating even at  relativly high flow rates.  My tests show that 50 degree

Open Version of IOS

Hey, Did you know that when you want to learn IOS, you can't buy a working Cisco on Ebay?   Thats a really interesting thing.  The only working cisco products in the whole world on either the new or used markets can only be bought from Cisco.What the hell are you talking about I hear you say.Well Cisco hold that you can buy and sell Ciscos but you may not include the software.  Technically, this means that the moment you buy a Cisco from anyone other than Ciso, you have just bought a worthless piece of junk unless you then go and pay for the software.This is a great money

SatCom Aviation Telemetry

Today's weird idea came to me while watching one of those Discovery channel 'when things go wrong' type programs.  This particular program was about an aircraft with a fuel leak.The captain misread the warnings, the plane ran out of fuel at 33,000 mid Atlantic and disaster was only narrowly avoided with a very long glide to safety.So the idea is that as well as the black boxes, the plane sends all telemetry channels via satellite to a central computer which does two things.  Firstly it archives the logs just like the real BB does.  bingo, you no longer have to find the BB after an accident.

Xbox 360 Crash Fix Available

To coincide with the launch of the xbox 360, and to assist with the teething troubles owners are facing, Microsoft release a keyboard specifically aimed at those early adopters  without too much space available near the TV.  Owners are advised to use this fix until PS3 becomes available.  In related news, engineers have torn down an xbox360 and worked out that Microsoft are making a £100 loss on the unit.  No kidding.  

Sony caught with their fingers in the Registry

Sony has been caught in the act of installing malicious spyware on the computers of its loyal music purchasing customers.  It seems that certain copy protected CDs from the media giant install un-removeable rootkits when you put them in your PC.  turns out that this may break the law in a number of countries as there is no EULA telling the user what is happeneing. As if that were not bad enough itself, the software masquerades as critical parts of the windows OS so that even nowse users would not try to remove it.

Crazy Car Share Scheme 1.

Okay.  Right.   buy 1000 cars.  Just for a
giggle. Fit them with GPS tracking technology.  fit them with a
smart (non manufacturer) entry and ignition system.  Fit em with
clever telemetry for speed, location, present user, driving style, fuel
level, vehicle status and black box recording.
 Give people an app to run on their smart phone which tells them where the nearest available car is. Go find the car, use your own key, get in and drive off.  Finished
with it?  dump it wherever or maybe at the local

Tactile two handed input device:

TactaPadThis incredible input device from Tactiva could just be the death of the mouse. Okay, you think I'm crazy already, but you better just check out the site before you reinforce that notion. It looks like a weird touch pad, but wait till you see the demo video. Not only does the device support multiple simultaneous touches, but it also has tactile feedback so you can feel stuff happening for example buttons which are greyed out feel different to active buttons. The camera system is used to grab a silouette of the hands which are then shown on the CRT to enhance the effect.