Guitar Hero II Busking

Actually, I think this could work really well.  You just need a battery powered 360, a small TV and your copy of Guitar Hero II.  Look it's a great idea.  Fortunes could be made here, trust me on this.It's not as if there isn't a precedent set already set: one of the world’s leading Guitar Hero experts, Luke Albigés, performed the original game at a busking session in Leicester Square Underground station.So go get your 360 mobile and hit some power chords on the street!

2012 (twεnti twεlv) verb

2012 (twεnti twεlv) vb (usually derogative). The act of cocking something up so badly the only sane recourse is to assume a different name, leave the country, leaving behind a disaster of such imense proportions that the only recourse is to cover it with topsoil and start again from scratch, e.g. turning up to meet the queen nude or smearing excrement on your head during a job interview.

SMS Credit Card Confirmation

It’s becoming clear that credit cards are no longer worth jack in terms of security.  The great new idea of having a verification code which is actually printed on the card itself now seems embarrassingly stupid. Widespread theft of CC details now happens on such a regular basis that we no longer even flinch when we find out that company X leaked 45 million (yes, Million) credit card numbers over a period of 2 years.

HD DRM Busted

Thats it.  February 11th 2007 was the day.  The DRM system used by both HD DVD formats was broken completely today.  The DRM system which cost billions of dollars and years of effort to create was sent tumbling dwon by two people in just a few days with almost no expense other than some time and some software engineering knowhow. It turns out that all thats needed to defeat the DRM system is a knowledge of the AACS standard itself. What does this mean?

The problem with popups!

I know this sounds crazy, but bear with me just a second.  The problem with Firefox and popups is that it's so good at blocking them!  Great at home where I don't use any other browser, but bad at the office.The office is a nice sensible controlled environment where I can't change the security settings (or just about any settings for that matter) in the IE6 browser.  The funny think is that I'm so used to not seeing popups at home, that I often manage to click them at work just because they are convincing and I'm not used to seeing them: like the one that looks like the screensaver setup di

Chip and Pin Teething Problems or Something Deeper?

If you've tried to purchase petrol at a Shell station with your credit card over the last few days, you may have been surprised when the shopkeeper put the receipt on the counter and asked for your signature. In fact, Shell has withdrawn Chip and PIN from all their non franchised stores in the UK over a potential £1M scam.If you believed the advertising campaign surrounding Chip and PIN, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the scheme is supposed to bar far less fallible than plain old signatures.